hey guys!! i know a lot of you guys love video games and i mean who doesn’t right!! i found this website called where you can buy and sell your new/used/old video games and actually get good prices on them!

it’s got everything from snes games, n64, sega genesis, gameboy, gamecube, and even current gen consoles!! even mac & pc games! it’s super cool especially if you don’t have an indie game shop or a good pawn store near you to sell your games to (or buy older games from!)

click here to join!!

this is a great website to buy animal crossing from!!!

Anonymous whispered: I was wondering if you can enlighten me on something. What exactly is a burnbook? I wasn't aware of such a thing prior to seeing the remains of a shitstorm after coming home from work.

it’s a blog run by immature assholes that accept anonymous hateful messages about other people. if you are one of the makers of this/the several other blogs that have popped up you are trash. just trash and you can’t convince me otherwise

There’s another burn blog way to fuck up animal crossing fandom lmao half of y’all are like 14 you need to Grow the Hell up

Hey guys i was wondering if any of you had a spare flower set that you would be willing to sell me i don’t have the patience to get the whole thing & I’m willing to pay a bunch if necessary just let me know thanks love u

Also it was my birthday last Saturday (the 21st) I’m 20 now

Why is acnlconfessions still around



Skinny Cream Brick Path (source)

Wide version here



inner corners




As you can tell I’m a massive fan of this gals work! I’m creating a new town and wanted all her seasonal paths in one place, hence this post. Enjoy!




hey guys so for mothers day i had a really great idea for my mom. my mom is totally sweet and wonderful, despite her troubles she still manages to do a great job taking care of me & she has a huge heart. ever since i was a kid my mom has played animal crossing with me, which is actually super important because shes physically disabled and has a hard time even getting out of bed. before i was born she had a broken hip and she suffers from a disease where her spinal discs crack and break all the time. she has had to get spinal surgery multiple times and actually gets shots in her skull so she doesnt feel the pain sometimes!! so since i cant get her anything really cool or practical i was wondering if someone could help me find jeremiah, the frog. he has always been her favorite villager and she cried when he moved out. for christmas two years ago i bought her a 3ds and she bought animal crossing with me the day it came out, and her town didnt have jeremiah in it at all. i understand that this is a pretty big request because everyone takes their villagers very seriously and we all love them- so i will pay whatever amount necessary and i will do absolutely anything for this. my mom’s happiness means the world to me, so if you could help me out and reblog this i would appreciate it so much!!



Hi there! ouo/~

I always thought this fandom was full of lovely people, but recently, I’ve noticed that it’s a lot more people than I thought! I’ve had so many sweet people send me kind messages and have helped me out with things! And I’ve also reached 3,300 followers… can you believe it!? I’m doing this giveaway as a little thank you! You all make me smile so much, the least I could do is to make some of you smile too!!


  • You don’t have to be following me, but if you were already following me before this giveaway, you’ll get some little extras, as a thanks!
  • Obviously, you need to own Animal Crossing: New Leaf!
  • Please make sure your ask box is open!!!!! TuT
  • You need to be okay with exchanging FC’s!


All prizes are named in the second image above, but I’m going to explain some of them a little further! uwu

5 balloons - I’ll give you a list of what I have and you pick 5

10 hybrids - pick any 10 hybrids at all!!

10 unorderables - again, you pick 10 from a list

5 gracie items - it’s mostly outfits/accessories but also some furniture

Aaaaaand that’s it!! Please only reblog this post once!! If you do it more times, it’ll only show once anyway, ‘cause Tumblr’s dumb ;u; You can also like this, that’ll give you a second entry!!! ~I love you~ Have a nice day!

Giveaway ends Saturday 26th April! (GMT!!!)

Waaah!! 900 notes?!? Already?! ;w;

I am updating the prizes, because of this!!!!!!!

  • princess set
  • an extra 5 gracie items
  • 5 street pass ice creams
  • 6 golden roses

Thank you all for your interest! You make me so happy!!