i need blue roses and the pave wall can anyone help me

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Mayor Daddy

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Animal Crossing Sprites Masterpost


This is a quick reference post for anybody who wants to use the Hoeass Animal Crossing Sprites that I uploaded to Welcome to Athena. Please remember that I only uploaded these here because Hoeass had to move the sprites twice to prevent hotlinking to his site, they are uploaded here specifically so that you can hotlink them from this blog as needed, but any credit that you give should go to Hoeass and his website. (A link back here would be appreciated, but is not necessary!)

Item Related Sprites

Character Sprites

Villager Sprites - (Sorted by Species)

Weeding Day Furniture Tip


How to get all the furniture without weeds!
If your town has the Beautiful Ordinance and NO Weeds:

1: have less than four human characters
2: make a new human character on weeding day (we’ll call them EXTRA)
3: talk to Isabelle and Tom Nook, set up your tent/plot, talk to Isabelle and Save And Quit
4: load your EXTRA character and talk to Leif and he will give you a piece of furniture
5: drop this furniture in front of your mayors house
6: pick up the furniture with your mayor
7: then you can delete the extra character and do it as many times as you need!

Weeding day is on the last Friday in April.

(Source: mayor-brandy)


Repeatable Animal Crossing backgrounds - FLOWERS

they are free to use - please don’t take credit


I’ve been searching for a simple path that doesn’t take up lots of space and blends with the grass for Spring but I couldn’t find one, so I made it myself! I’m not sure how it looks with other grass types, but it blends really well with the circle grass. If you try it out on other types, let me know how it looks and whatnot. When the seasons change I’ll probably post these again with matching grass.

I got the idea from Rae’s beautiful town and took her advice and made the path myself and yes the flower colours are similar to hers in this area but it’s my favourite part of my town atm cuz I recently reset (hence the bad hair and lack of nice clothes).

Anyway if you use it I’d love to see screenshots! 

(Source: teatatscatc)


Happy festivale! ✿


Spring is coming! My favorite season because it’s so fresh and green. I have some season updates to all my big QR code sets today, including the petal path! The greens are a little brighter than the Summer version to go with the new tree color. There are a few extra flowers on them as well. All the new Spring codes and other path versions are up in the archive right now…